Before You Go

Reading The Lines: Cracks in Your Glass

Just like a punctured tire, a chipped windshield can sometimes be repaired instead of replaced.

It all depends on the type, size, depth and location of the damage. Here’s some handy tips to tell if you might need a repair or a replacement.

Those Important First Steps In Teen Safety

Wondering what kind of driver your teen will be when you’re not around? Start by observing your own habits behind the wheel.

Setting a good example and talking with teens about the hazards they face can help keep them aware and informed, so says former U.S. Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx.

Seasonal Alerts For Early Fall Weather

You never know. And that’s the point. September marks “National Preparedness Month” and safety agencies are using the opportunity to emphasize emergency planning.

Here’s what they’re suggesting you do to prepare for life’s worst-case scenarios.

Helpful Ways to Talk to Your Teen About Distracted Driving

Every driver deals with distractions and teen drivers are especially vulnerable to excess stimuli.

Your teen driver will face distractions behind the wheel, the key is to inform them about what they’re facing and the consequences.

Tips Help Keep Teen Insurance Premiums at Reasonable Rate

Besides making sure they’re safe, a parent’s next concern for their teen driver is insuring them. How can parents get the best value out of their insurance premiums for young drivers?

Alignment Inspection Helps Avoid Common Yet Expensive Repairs

Rough roads, under inflated tires and driving over the curb can all make your wheels fall out of alignment.

Not only does it make a car harder to drive, improper alignment wears out your tires faster and can reduce fuel economy.

Three Ways to Make Tires Last Longer

An underinflated tire poses a safety risk and also wears out faster. Can you rely on tire warning lights in your dashboard? No really. Here's why.

Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle Battery

Batteries are fickle things. Too much cold, too much heat and they can stop performing. Fear not--there are some simple ways of keeping the power flowing all year long. See how.

Proper rotation improves the life of your tires

Rotating tires regularly and correctly helps even out tread wear and extends tire life, saving money and keeping you safer on the road. But how often should you rotate?
“Tire rotation is a critical part of tire maintenance,” said Dan Zielinski, Senior Vice-President of Public Affairs at Rubber Manufacturers Association. “Tires will wear differently at each wheel position.”

Are your tires safe? Take the penny test

Everything in your car—including its ability to stop, avoid road debris, handle wet surfaces and reduce road noise—rides on the quality of the tires. They are the lowest common denominator in vehicle safety.