Car Care

Prevent Summer Sun From Damaging Your Car’s Factory Finish

Summer isn’t kind to vehicle finishes. Months of searing sun and filthy roads leave paint gritty, wheels grimy and windows spotty.

Here’s what to know and what to focus on to restore that glimmer and shine.

The Wonder of Clay: Create A Showroom Shine On Dull Paint

You know how Silly Putty can pull off newsprint? The same concept applies to clay bars and all that gritty gunk on your car.

Car care professionals turn to clay before applying that shiny coat of wax. This only takes a few minutes, and the results are worth the effort.

Don't Let Searing Sun Bake Vehicle Surfaces

There’s so much to love about that new car shine. Problem is, the environment won’t let it stay that way.

Some simple maintenance keeps your car looking good--and its resale value high.

Rinseless wash lets you drop the hose, save water

Sometimes using a hose and bucket just doesn’t make sense for washing a car.

That’s especially true in drought-stricken areas where water is an expensive commodity. Apartment dwellers and urbanites also face challenges looking for an available faucet and appropriate location.