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Don't Let Summer Put Brakes On Family Fun

The trunk’s loaded and tank's full of gas. Yet, there's more to getting ready than loading up the family for the Great American Adventure.

Did you leave time for a brake system inspection?

Memorial Day Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

Summer’s arrival means the end of school, an influx of beach trips and teenagers hitting the road in massive numbers.

According to safety experts, Memorial Day looms as one of the most hazardous holidays for the young drivers in your family.

Tires Roll On Decades of Science, Innovation

A tire is so much more than a band of rubber supporting the weight of your vehicle. It is a safety feature, a fuel-saving device and a vital performance component.

Learn where it all began and how it’s evolved.

Driving Sunglasses Key to Reducing Eye Strain

You've been wearing the same sunglasses for years, and you notice your eyes feel strained after a long drive.

Maybe it's time to invest in a pair of polarized lenses. See how to choose.

Tips For Turning Dull Wheels Bright Again

Take a close look at your wheels. Have they lost their luster? Are they still covered in winter road grime?

Time for a spring clean-up to bring them back to life.

How To Drive Value From Tire Investment

Tires are an important investment for the safety of you and your passengers.

Learn ways to prevent damage and extend tire life.

Don't Let Pollen, Sap Sabotage Car Luster

Tree sap and pollen pose problems for your paint job this time of year. The solution?

One part wash, one part wax and one part elbow grease.

Six Reasons Your Car May Encounter Issues With Electrical System

Modern vehicles rely on electrical systems for everything from charging your mobile phone to operating the brakes.

Find out how to keep your electrical system running smoothly.

Essential Accessories For Spring Clean-Up

Towels, brushes, and sponges, oh my.

There are no shortage of tools to help you make your vehicle shine. Here’s what you should know when using them.

Prom Season Driving Tips For Teens, Parents

The biggest risk to teenagers sits in the garage--the family vehicle. Experts recommend a number of strategies to improve the safety of young drivers.

Consider these timely tips as we enter the high school prom season.