Before You Go

Memorial Day Safety Tips For Teen Drivers

Summer’s arrival means the end of school, an influx of beach trips and teenagers hitting the road in massive numbers.

According to safety experts, Memorial Day looms as one of the most hazardous holidays for the young drivers in your family.

How To Drive Value From Tire Investment

Tires are an important investment for the safety of you and your passengers.

Learn ways to prevent damage and extend tire life.

Six Reasons Your Car May Encounter Issues With Electrical System

Modern vehicles rely on electrical systems for everything from charging your mobile phone to operating the brakes.

Find out how to keep your electrical system running smoothly.

How to Avoid Troubles With Tread

Tires are made to do one thing--grip the road. Is your tread ready for the searing heat this summer? Find out how to choose the right tread for your spring and summer driving.

How To Bring Some Balance To Your Life

Not only are balanced tires more comfortable to drive on, they can also save you money in the long run.

Read on to learn how and why tire balance is so important.

Basic Tips Help Save Money At The Pump

Who wouldn’t want to spend less money at the pump?

Here’s some simple fuel-saving tips and maintenance advice that can stretch out the time between fill ups.

How Honest Abe Helps Check Your Tire's Health

If you have some spare change, you have all the tools you need to check the wear and tear on your tires. See how the experts at Bridgestone Tire use a common penny when checking a tire's tread depth.

Are your tires safe? Take the penny test

Everything in your car—including its ability to stop, avoid road debris, handle wet surfaces and reduce road noise—rides on the quality of the tires. They are the lowest common denominator in vehicle safety.

Three Ways to Make Tires Last Longer

An underinflated tire poses a safety risk and also wears out faster. Can you rely on tire warning lights in your dashboard? No really. Here's why.

Tips for Choosing the Right Vehicle Battery

Batteries are fickle things. Too much cold, too much heat and they can stop performing. Fear not--there are some simple ways of keeping the power flowing all year long. See how.